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Bone Inlay Furniture

How Come Bone Inlay Furniture Is So Popular

Furniture that looks beautiful and works well is a universal desire, but it can be challenging to find. Bone inlay furniture is an excellent choice for people who want unique and stylish furniture. A wide range of options makes finding the perfect bone inlay furniture easy.

Can you explain the appeal of furniture inlaid with bone? Feel free to continue reading below to learn more.

How Does Bone Inlay Furniture Work?

To create finely detailed patterns on wooden surfaces, animal bones and other materials, such as ivory, are inlaid. Wood is carved into tiny openings for the inlay of bone, such as mahogany, oak, walnut, and others.

After this, they are filled with thin slivers (or “inlays”) made primarily from animal bones and teeth as a final touch. Any home would look elegant and luxurious with furniture inlaid with bone.

Why Is Bone Inlay Furniture So Popular?

Homeware and furniture inlaid with bone are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and style.  Adding stain or varnish to bone inlays can create beautiful patterns.. Furthermore, the bone adds another layer of protection against scratches!

History, durability, longevity, variety, and high quality contribute to bone inlay furniture’s popularity.

Where Does The History Of Bone Inlay Furniture Come From?

Early humans made inlays from shells, stone fragments, and claws after hunting game animals like deer. These decorative objects led to people carving bone inlays into wooden surfaces.

In addition to being durable, hard, flexible, and glossy, bone can also be polished to produce different colours. Wooden surfaces can be glued with thin strips of this material. In addition, you can apply protective treatments like lacquer or varnish to prevent damage or scratches.

The use of bone inlay furniture has become very popular with contemporary furniture in recent years because it has been around for thousands of years.

Bone Inlay Furniture

How durable and long-lasting is bone inlay furniture?

Inlay furniture combines strength and aesthetic appeal with materials and techniques that do not make it too heavy or difficult to move.

Initially, bone inlay furniture appears fragile and delicate. However, if you carve it from durable hardwoods and apply a deep lacquer finish for protection, your bone inlay furniture will last for many years.

Furthermore, inlay furniture is resistant to moisture absorption.  The inlay furniture does not rot or warp like wood furniture. Additionally, the surface resists scratches and dents caused by careless handling.

Additionally, bone inlay furniture needs to be taken care of properly by the owner. Using recommended products will preserve your bone-inlay piece for years to come.

What Kinds Of Designs Are Available?

It is well known that inlay furniture has intricate designs.  Popular designs include spirals with flat patterns, geometric shapes like squares or triangles, and twisted patterns.

Furniture with geometric designs is a popular choice.

 Patterned lines run through a thick, solid background color, such as black or brown. Pattern-shaped triangular shapes surround circular motifs, such as flowers and leaves.

An inlay of bone signifies true craftsmanship and artistry. The intricate designs can take artists hours, days or weeks to complete. However, their uniqueness cannot be determined. Every piece has something unique that not all others will. It is possible to design inlay furniture in a variety of styles.

Inlay furniture made of bone has a high quality, right?

Inlay table

An inlay is a traditional woodworking technique with a history of at least 5,000 years. Craftsmen still make rosewood and ebony inlay furniture today. Inlay furniture can also be found in ivory, silver, metal, or pearl.

In conclusion

Inlays of bone can be found in many different types of furniture, which explains their popularity. The wood has a long history, an organic beauty that no other material can match, and it was crafted from nothing. Its origins and where it came from will always be fascinating for these reasons and more. Visit Old Stone Furniture if you’re looking for beautiful, handmade pieces made by traditional craftsmen that are totally unique!

Bone Inlay

Bone Inlay Furniture care tips: 5 essentials

For centuries, the inlay of bone has embraced architectural splendour. Inlaid bone craft is a traditional method for decorating arena spaces and continues to transform the space in an innovative way. A bone inlay piece of furniture, artefacts, upholstery, mosaics, and keepsake boxes, are examples of how art, imagination, and craftsmanship can create a beautiful piece. Luxury bone inlay furniture and decorative items will remain beautiful for many years if properly maintained. If you own or plan on owning bone inlay products, you should know the tips and tricks to maintain the durability and finish. So here we are sharing some useful tips on caring for Bone Inlay Furniture that you can adopt to keep the elegance and refinement of your inlaid bone furnishings intact.

The following tips will help you maintain Bone Inlay furniture:-

Cleaning Bone Inlay Furniture Regularly & Properly

Incorporating bone inlay furniture into your decor is a great idea to add royal touches. A properly cared for and cleaned inlaid bone product will maintain its lustre and shine for a long time. Wipe all dust from decorative pieces with a soft cloth. To avoid any breakage, handle the products carefully and place or move them easily.

Moreover, poor paint will ruin the finesse of inlaid furniture. Recolouring them yourself requires high-quality paint. Cleaning your bone inlay properly can enhance its exquisite charm. 

Bone inlays can be cleaned with mild cleaners.

Inlay bone products require extra care since they are delicately carved. Regular dusting is not sufficient. The products must be cleaned with special cleaners. While deep cleaning bone inlay furniture, use mild cleaners designed for this purpose. 

The products inserted into the bone should not be cleaned with harsh, abrasive cleaners. Using these modern cleaners will strip our inlaid bone decorative items of their natural beauty and glory. 

Avoid prolonged water exposure for Bone Inlay Furniture.

Furniture inlaid with bone inlay should not be immersed in water for prolonged periods of time. However, soaking bone inlay products in water for an extended period of time will weaken their adhesiveness. A wet or overly moist cloth should also be avoided for excessive cleaning. Clean gently with a dry or slightly damp cloth rather than sweeping furiously.

Cleaning Inlay furniture

Exposure to sunlight

Handcrafted bone inlay furnishing with a unique characteristic you won’t find anywhere else. Bone-inlaid furniture tends to lighten in direct sunlight, while other pieces lose their appeal. Eventually, they’ll grow into majestic and beautiful pieces of furniture. In that case, place your inlaid bone decor item near a window or in a hallway, where sunlight can touch it, and it will become ten times more beautiful. Further, the problem of it becoming yellowed and pigmented can be avoided. 

Pro tip: Avoid direct sunlight. In addition, too harsh sun rays aren’t good either. 


Maintain a moderate temperature

A bone inlay decor piece should be placed strategically. Let’s look at one of the five caring tips for bone inlay furniture. 

  • Maintain a moderate temperature around the furniture. Otherwise, extreme cold or extreme heat will ruin the product. 
  • Normal temperatures will allow it to endure for decades. 
  • Therefore, by arranging them correctly, you can preserve bone-inlay furniture’s elegance, refinement, and allure.

A safety tip: Keep heaters away from bone-inlay furniture. 

As a conclusion

It is therefore straightforward to understand why bone inlay furniture is so popular. The variety of bone inlay furniture varies according to the style of old stone furniture. If you are looking for beautiful, handmade pieces made by traditional craftsmen that are completely unique, check out Old Stone Furniture or call us! 

How Can Bone-inlay Furniture, Make Decorating Your House Easy

How Can Bone-inlay Furniture, Make Decorating Your House Easy?

Attractive, Gorgeous Bone Inlay Furniture and Decor

Adding a piece of ornate Bone inlay furniture like this dresser will help you achieve the luxurious look your home has been missing. These pieces are especially popular with families interested in royal history and have been found many times inside a renowned palace’s walls.

With them, a multitude of designs and colors are available to give people astonishing looks for their place. The furniture maker Old Stones assigns three distinct roles to the artisans tasked with making inlay products. Our tasks are defined step by step: one is responsible for carving the product into shapes by professional artisans who know how to do so.

Another person attaches these bones to a timber frame. The final person then finishes the design by filling resin around the bones and crafts a background for it. A pretty bone chest of drawers is made in colorful bedrooms or foyers, or neutral mirrors in bathrooms. Selecting furniture for your home is never an easy decision, even if you’re not shopping online. To help make the task easier, we have collected some of our favorites onto one page so that you can start exploring designs without leaving this site.

Create this stunning look at home: DIY Faux Bone Inlay Dresser

Our Bone Inlay Furniture is always looking unique. At Old Stones Furniture, every such furniture has its own unique design, and no two pieces will have a similar design ever because they are completely original and handmade creations. These products are made of high-quality mango wood. Buying this Bone Inlay Furniture will also help in making a contribution to the welfare of the artisan community.

Our inlay coffee table will make for a great conversation piece when your family and friends visit. These products improve the appearance of both your interior and exterior decor and they are beautiful decorations. ‘Inspire others by the way you live’. Nowadays, we can make our home more attractive and eye-catching by using some of the unique products which can be decorated in different styles. These decorations are available at affordable prices and you will have no regrets after buying them.

This type of furniture is so appealing that hardly anyone will not give it their attention. If the owner maintains this type of furniture, it tends to serve them for the rest of their lifetime. Moreover, they can be handed over to your grandkids as a part of inheritance when you are no longer around. Furniture with inlay is a decorative technique used for many years that can be found in furniture all over the world and may originally date back to ancient China. The contrasting colors and patterns of the bone against the wood create an intricate, breathtaking work of art.

We offer a unique selection of inlay furniture made from high-quality and sustainable materials. Our products are handcrafted by artisans who spend countless hours shaping and polishing the wood and bone to achieve a unique work of art. Add a touch of elegance to your living room or bedroom with our furniture inlays.

Update The Room With New Furniture

Our process of inlay begins with a design or pattern that is carved out from the material. In our case, it can be done with mother-of-pearl and bone from animals who died of natural causes, but it can also be applied to wood, metal, marble or mother-of-pearl.

With a base item, impressions are then used to match the pattern or design. This allows for our delicate pieces of bone to be inserted with precision onto the surface. The end result is covered with resin and has a smooth finish.

Ancient inlay techniques distinguish this style of furniture from other pieces and create a classic design that will always be cherished. Bone inlay gives a rich, powerful design and can be added to your home with neutral or bold colors. The piece is sure to start a conversation as soon as it’s seen, whether it’s been imported traditionally or made onsite. The table’s sharp edges are softened with its curves below, and the thicker top sits on a sustainable brass pedestal, making this piece, not just a design statement but also one that is environmentally conscious. It will fit into any style of space, whether you’re going for an eclectic or minimalist look.