Bone Inlay Console Table

Bone Inlay Console Table
Our Bone Inlay Console Tables feature traditional, handcrafted patterns that are intricate and beautiful by an artisan. Our consoles add sophistication to living rooms or nurseries with their white finish and antique bronze metal hardware. This sleek furniture is both durable and stylish to match any home. With storage compartment, it has enough space for media components including your DVDs, gaming systems, etc.

About Bone Inlay Console Table

The amazing pattern on our Bone Inlay Console Tables features sophisticated artistry and craftsmanship by a skilled artist. The pattern covering the piece is bone inlay formed and applied individually by the hands of a consummate artisan. Our Attractive Console Tables add sophistication to living rooms or nurseries with their polished white finish featuring antique bronze metal hardware. Featuring sleek lines of solid wood and MDF, it is handcrafted from professional-grade materials that withstand any amount of wear and tear – even if your kids are messy eaters! These Console Tables have ample storage for media components such as DVDs, Gaming Systems, and more.

These Heirloom quality Tables are some of the most exquisite tables ever created to date. This custom order always ensures you have a fresh product as everyone can be produced on order which means you buy new products each time instead of an old piece which has been sold 1 million times before! The Original Addition to Any Room, Created in Unique Styles and Sizes To Match Your Own Decor, Reproduce A Beautiful Piece of Art Into Your Home As If Signed By a Distinguished Artist – Perfect for a Dining Bone Inlay Side Table or Bone Inlay Desk: with plenty of storage!

Bone Inlay Console Table is a classic piece that can be used in many homes. The table features some stunning artistry and craftsmanship by an experienced artisan. Its minimalistic, timeless design coupled with ample storage make it perfect for any home and decor style. Available in various sizes and colors, this console table is heirloom quality by Old Stones Furniture: creating high utility with beautiful patterns custom-made Furniture just for you! Order one from Old Stones Furniture Today!