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Bone Inlay Dresser

Old Stones Furniture Bone Inlay Dresser has been expertly crafted by skilled woodworkers to last you for years. Enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture knowing that it is as unique and special as you are. Our Bone Inlay Dressers are long-lasting, made of Solid Wood and MDF. They have spacious drawers for convenience, with separate spaces to store utensils like cups and candles.

About Bone Inlay Dressers

You’ve heard about the old adage, “Every time you suffer buyer’s remorse, buy yourself some furniture.” Well, now there will be no more regrets. With expert craftsmanship and time-tested techniques, you too can admire the beauty of the Bone Inlay Dresser from Old Stones Furniture. Buy hand-crafted bone inlay furniture that is as unique as you are today and then bask in your brilliance for years to come.

Our Bone Inlay Dressers are made to last: they’re built out of long-lasting Solid Wood and MDF materials, hand-carved with intricate Bone details. Spacious drawers promise convenience when you need it most–with separate spaces for tabletop items like cups, trays, and candles, as well as an ample storage room for heavier items. This dresser is excellent for any room in the house. If you’re looking for a classic or luxurious look, this will fit the bill. So whether you’re looking for a rustic country cabin look or prefer the sleek lines and style of an urban loft, it’s entirely up to you! Each piece is beautifully hand-finished by skilled artisans throughout India who take pride in their creations; slight variation in texture is normal as this product comes straight off the finishing line onto our shelves. Perhaps most appealing are the beautiful minimalist designs that can go with any decor style, and they ship fully assembled, so you don’t ever have to worry about how long they’re going to take you to assemble them!

Fast shipping means it won’t take long until soon enough you’ll have all your belongings beautifully displayed in style on custom-designed Bone Inlay Dressers made especially for you. Our Bone Inlay Dresser is made to order and shipped within 15-20 days after receipt of the Successful Order of your furniture.