Bone Inlay Chests

Bone Inlay Chests
Shopping for a dresser? If you want to decorate your bedroom with the most creative furniture, get one of our hand-made Bone inlay chests of drawers. They are intricately designed and customizable according to customer requirements! Our Bone Inlay Chest provides customers with customizable options to choose from for a beautiful addition to their home. The handcrafted chest is made by skilled craftsmen and gives you one-of-a-kind furniture that can be different than others in your home.

About Bone Inlay Chest

Require a chest of drawers to store your clothes, bedsheets, and towels? What about one that speaks to you while it says “I. Am. Yours.” Introducing our hand-made and intricately carved Bone inlay chests of drawers collection for all modern designers who want their Bone Inlay Furniture to be the talk of their home. All pieces are “made-to-order” with a customizable design according to customer requirements!

Exquisite in detail and finish are our Bone Inlay Chest. Coming with customizable size, color, and design, this chest creates for you an artful addition at home that could be different from any other. Handmade to order by highly skilled craftsmen, every customer can have his/her personalizing touch on their own piece of furniture.
It will take about 15 days after receipt of successful order before we ship them out to anywhere in the world you choose.

Bones and Mother of Pearl is not a new trend these days, and it can be seen in many different types of products. Our handcrafted mother-of-pearl inlay chests will give you beauty without any harmful side effects. These intricately carved objects are meticulously made by our skilled craftsmen who spend weeks on each piece to ensure quality and durability.

Handcrafted from responsibly sourced bone, these Bone Inlay Dresser are perfect for storing all of your items in a polished way. With pieces that can take weeks to create, you’ll be able to showcase your style while showing off impeccable craftsmanship. These Chests from Old Stone Furniture are Available in multiple color options, there is sure to be one that will fit the look and feel of your room. Love life by living beautifully and evolve tradition into a new art form today!