Bone Inlay Box

About Bone Inlay Boxes

Do you want to decorate your apartment in an elegant, modern style? Or are you trying to find the perfect gift for a special someone who has everything? We have the perfect present for all occasions. Our handmade bone-inlay boxes are sourced from India and can make the perfect home or office decoration. These luxuriously crafted boxes feature intricately carved bone designs that will match any color scheme as well as personal style.

For a more intimate setting, these stunning pieces provide excellent storage space with built-in compartments and shelves that organize items beautifully while remaining subtle when not in use. Our Modern and Luxurious Handmade Bone Inlay Jewellery boxes are Made in India. These boxes can be used for storing your special trinkets or just for display. Beautifully carved intricacy into the bones makes our jewelry chests one of a kind that can hold your items in a safe place and is perfect for displaying them as well.

These boxes are exceptionally unique, and each piece is a work of art. The bone inlay box has been carefully selected with the cracks, veins, and gnarly pieces best used for this process. These small yet powerful creations have set many masters of craftsmanship to hard at work often with more than 15 hours invested into one box. Each design is slightly different as artists take pride in their handiwork and express their talent on every inch of the item.

You will love these items that make great gifts or can be displayed beautifully by you on your Bone Inlay Nightstand or Bone Inlay  Dresser top! The value goes well beyond what pictures can even communicate so stop hesitating and invest today! So, buy our box for Yourself or Your Loved Ones Today from Old Stones Furniture!