Bone Inlay Nightstand

Bone Inlay Nightstand
Bone Inlay Nightstands are a durable, unique alternative to traditional bedroom furniture. Customizable for your desired layout, the range of colors and shapes make these handcrafted nightstands eye-catching and versatile. We take special care to make each piece that we create for our customers. There will only ever be one of any design, and even then the pattern may vary slightly from what you see on screen due to the care we put into handmade quality work making sure every detail is done with no compromise between beauty and function.

About Bone Inlay Nightstands

Bone Inlay Nightstands are unique, expressive, and durable hand-crafted furniture pieces that can be tailor-made to suit your needs. These Nightstands are a durable option to spruce up any room. These handcrafted nightstands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color options that can be customized to fit the desired set-up for your bedroom.

We make them on order not duplicating any other items ensuring a perfect custom item for every client. Proudly made on order – which means all items may be slightly different from one another – these stunning designs will take you back to when form matched function without compromise for beauty. Each set features inlaid wood patterns into the bone giving it an individual finish that you won’t find anywhere else making these nightstands truly one of a kind.

There’s a design in every inch of our hand-crafted Bone Inlay Console table. Take anyone home and create the bedroom you’ve always wanted, while admiring the fine craftsmanship that went into creating it. Not only are they stylish but they’re also durable because each night stand is made to last you for years, so your investment pays off time over again. Of course, these beauties are never fully complete until we let you add a touch of personalization through colors or detailing so they can go with your desired theme for any room in the house. With so many different finishes available, we are sure you will find something to match your taste.

These handcrafted individuals pieces make for a perfect companion for your bedroom, making it both beautiful and practical. Don’t settle with something that’s been mass-produced! You deserve quality Bone Inlay furniture that you will live forever, and you can find that on our Online Store. Shop From Old Stones Furniture Today!