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The Best Ever Interior for Your Home

We at Old Stones Furniture provide handcrafted furniture for those wanting to buy it online and offer a selection of home furnishing with different styles and all at affordable prices. You can find a variety of unique and customized designs from our furniture units that will improve your interior and our tasteful furniture ranges from traditional to contemporary. These pieces of furniture are made out of different types of wood and are polished to a sleek, smooth look. Achieving this finish requires both time and meticulous care, so every unit is assembled with the user in mind. Our products offer multiple possibilities for changing the way they look depending on where you want to place them.


Advantages to buying furniture from us

Use our furniture to renovate your home’s appearance completely. We offer a selection of products with Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl, which provide the finishing touch to give your house a vintage look. We provide multi-layered packaging, competitive pricing, and express shipping to make your experience enjoyable. Need a coffee table or a nightstand for your bedroom? We have a wide variety of stunning furniture units to cover your home decor needs.


The Variety We Offer

Our artisan-crafted inlay furniture products are available in an array of colors and decorative patterns, ensuring the ultimate quality for your home decor. We also offer a variety of furniture designs to cover all requirements, such as coffee tables, side tables, center table consoles, and more! Also, we sell our products at competitive prices, which means the best quality furniture units without breaking the bank.

Bone Inlay Mirror

We offer bone inlay mirrors that add a classic, timeless detail to any room. These custom pieces can be easily ordered to fit your decor needs. The Bone Inlay Mirror is a rich-looking frame that would add a nice touch to any room. It can be hung with either hook or leaning on the wall following the simple instructions sent by mail once your order has been processed successfully.


Bone Inlay Dresser

Old Stones Furniture’s Bone Inlay Dresser has been expertly crafted by skilled woodworkers to last you for years. Enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture knowing that it is as unique and special as you are. Our Bone Inlay Dressers are long-lasting, made of Solid Wood and MDF. They have spacious drawers for convenience, with separate spaces to store utensils like cups and candles.


Bone Inlay Chests

Shopping for a dresser? If you want to decorate your bedroom with the most creative furniture, get one of our hand-made Bone inlay chests of drawers. They are intricately designed and customizable according to customer requirements! Our Bone Inlay Chest provides customers with customizable options to choose from for a beautiful addition to their home. The handcrafted chest is made by skilled craftsmen and gives you one-of-a-kind furniture that can be different than others in your home.

Bone Inlay Nightstand

Bone Inlay Nightstand is a durable, unique alternative to traditional bedroom furniture. Customizable for your desired layout, the range of colors and shapes make these handcrafted nightstands eye-catching and versatile. We take special care to make each piece that we create for our customers. There will only ever be one of any design, and even then the pattern may vary slightly from what you see on screen due to the care we put into handmade quality work making sure every detail is done with no compromise between beauty and function.

Bone Inlay Tray

Looking for a gift with extra flair? Are you decorating and need something new to house your decor in the United States? Try our newest line – Bone Inlay Tray. Hand-crafted bone inlay trays combine modern style and ancient tradition beautifully. Our handcrafted trays add a special touch to any gathering. Featuring intricate designs, each tray is crafted on order so you can guarantee they are original. Bone Inlay has been historically used and it remains an art form today.


Bone Inlay Coffee Table

Get a great coffee table to give your living space an exotic feel. Our expert craftsman will work with you until satisfaction. The only quality materials go into each production run, so expect an amazing table when the process is finished. Our bone inlay coffee table is handmade and crafted by hand to ensure unique patterns. Bone Inlay has intricate patterns created with care before being laid into the table surface. Our exposed wood design features different grains which shows time spent creating them, providing a unique style without having to import expensive furniture from other continents.

Bone Inlay Console Table

Our Bone Inlay Console Table feature traditional, handcrafted patterns that are intricate and beautiful by an artisan. Our consoles add sophistication to living rooms or nurseries with their white finish and antique bronze metal hardware. This sleek furniture is both durable and stylish to match any home. With storage compartment, it has enough space for media components including your DVDs, gaming systems, etc.


Bone Inlay Desk

This Bone Inlay Desk can be the type of conversation piece you need in your home. It will pleasantly surprise guests and it’s also functional as a workspace. The handcrafted desk is made using high-quality materials by skilled local artisans in India. Our intricately designed pieces are impeccably crafted pieces that will transcend time. Each detailed item contains naturally occurring elements such as bone, resin, and wood made using environmentally friendly methods.

Bone Inlay Side Tables

Bone inlay furniture is known for its distinct style which sets it apart from other types of furniture. It is typically made with solid wood or veneer and polished to a high sheen. Functionality makes up its second major characteristic: the surface area can be used for anything such as lamps, plants, books, decorative objects, and more! Investing time and money into pinpointing the perfect side table for your home will prove to be beneficial as it can serve many purposes. Often our bone inlay side tables are used for storage rather than decoration, but what if your side table was useful and beautiful. Such is the case with these unique handcrafted decorative tables that artisans continue to make from wood, stone, or metal using ancient techniques.


Bone Inlay Box

We have a great gift for all occasions. Our bone inlay box are sourced from India and can make the perfect home or office decoration. These luxuriously crafted boxes feature intricately carved bone designs that will match any color scheme as well as personal style. Vibrant and intricate inlay designs decorate our jewelry boxes, making each box unique. The built-in compartments are perfect for keeping trinkets organized while the beautiful display boxes can be used to show off your priceless items.

Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone inlay furniture is a type of delicate craft that has been around for centuries. It’s usually created by carving out the surface of wood to make room for pieces of bone or ivory, which create an intricate pattern on its surface. Old Stones Furniture offers handmade Bone Inlay Boxes, Bone Inlay Night Stands, and other furniture for sale. But the process of making them is expensive and time-consuming. The creation of inlaid bone furniture is a 100-year-old technique that takes up to six months for pieces. Each piece is made on order and none will be alike due to the long process. Pieces are expensive because only so few know how to create them, as well as durable due to long process demands.