Mother of Pearl

  • Black Mother Of Pearl 4 Drawer Chest Curved Legs


    This Dusty Black Colored Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers is hand-carved in the ancient inlay tradition of India, this elegant chest with four drawers is made by local artisans using responsibly sourced mother-of-pearl. Its dark black color and one-of-a-kind variations make it a stunning piece for the home.

    Curved legs add a special look to this art piece. Perfect for a colorful living room, hallway or foyer. Mother of Pearl inlay gives the same striking statement of bone inlay furniture with the addition of the shimmer and sparkle of hundreds of Mother of Pearl pieces so keep the styling simple and let this piece shine

    Key Features:

    • Size: 107 (Length) X 50 (Width) X 85 (Height) Cms.
    • Quality Sourced mother of Pearl Inlaid Chest of Four Drawer
    • Two Half and Two Full-Width Drawers
    • Intricate hand-carved Mother of Pearl detail
    • Glass Cut Jewel like knobs for a Rich Look
    • Made from Solid Wood & MDF for Longer Life

About mother of Pearl Furniture

Mother of Pearl is a magnificent example of varied styling adding rich contrast to any room. The hand-carved Mother of Pearl adds intricacy and detail where it’s needed most while still keeping the rest simple for balance. Perfect for a formal living room or as a focal point in your hallway, the Mother of Pearl Furniture is now available at our online store!

Here at Old Stones Furniture, we have a range of stunning hand-crafted Indian mother of pearl inlay furniture. This piece is perfectly weighted and cleverly constructed to give the ultimate space for living rooms and bedrooms alike. Whether you choose one small Bone Inlay Side Table or one large Bone Inlay Chest for the dining room or just a small Tray, it will fill your house with excitement.

Will Mother of Pearl Furniture go With my Dećor?

For many years, the only mother of pearl inlay people would see was on a piano. It can now be found on everything from jewelry to furniture. Mother of Pearl Inlay is often referred to as an “old world” art form and is typically associated with Persian carpets or Turkish tiles. It’s easy to forget that some things are timeless and will always stay relevant, like the mother of pearl inlay.

Indian Mother of Pearl Inlay is a decorative technique that has been around for centuries. The process starts by carving and shaping the shell into different shapes, which are then inlaid into the wood surface. This helps to create intricate patterns on your furniture or another item. The beauty of this type of inlay is that it can be done with any design imaginable, from geometric designs to more organic-looking shapes like waves. Whether you want something simple or complex, Indian Mother of Pearl Inlay provides an elegant way to decorate your home!

Who makes Mother of Pearl Inlay furniture?

Mother of Pearl Inlay furniture is typically made by skilled craftsmen in India, who have been making this type of art for generations. The Indian people are known for their intricate and elaborate woodwork skills, which can be seen in the furniture they create. Some pieces are hand-carved with designs that represent Hindu deities or other types of animals, but many feature geometric patterns such as diamonds or waves. This style has become popular among collectors because there is a large variety to choose from and it’s also affordable due to the availability of these products on Old Stones Furniture. This art form was brought to India by traders and over time became a favorite among Indian craftsmen.