Bone Inlay Tray

Bone Inlay Tray
Looking for a gift with extra flair? Are you decorating and need something new to house your decor? Try our newest line – Bone Inlay Trays. Hand-crafted bone inlay trays combine modern style and ancient tradition beautifully. Our handcrafted trays add a special touch to any gathering. Featuring intricate designs, each tray is crafted on order so you can guarantee they are original. Bone Inlay has been historically used and it remains an art form today.

About Bone Inlay Trays

Are you looking for a gift with a little something extra? Or are you decorating your home and need something new to house the decorative objects on your shelves, nightstand, or coffee table? Try our newest line: Bone Inlay Trays or Maybe Bone Inlay Cofee Table. Hand-crafted bone inlay trays are a perfect combination of modern style and ancient tradition. Elegant and well thought out, these trays add a very special touch to any gathering. With handcrafted details and intricate designs, each one of our custom-made products is made on order so you can be sure that they’re free from any duplication. The Bone Inlay has been used since the 16th century and it remains an art form until this day.

Carrying your cherished belongings every day can be both cumbersome and inconvenient. The Bone Inlay Tray is a simple, yet elegant solution that allows you to store those items while still enjoying them at all times. Crafted from high-quality wood, this sleek serving tray serves as an excellent decorative piece of furniture for any home or office space,  this can be a stylish way to showcase the things you love! Whether you want to organize your valued items, personalize your space, and displaying priceless treasures or just keep this for the show on top of a Console Table or a Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers, the bone inlay tray is perfect. It’s very easy to create an organized and sophisticated display of all of those little but meaningful moments so that you can experience them every day.

These Bone Inlay Trays are available in Different shapes including square, rectangle, hexagonal, etc. These one-of-a-kind trays will be created especially for you in any style (we even offer color options), so no two trays are the same! Handcrafted out of wood materials used like resin, bone pieces that can season over time and add a bit of charm. Order your tray today only from Old Stones Furniture!