5 Tips for Caring and Maintaining Bone Inlay Furniture

Maintaining Bone Inlay Furniture

A bone inlay, an intricate design technique, has been embraced for centuries by architects. One of the oldest methods for furnishing spaces with decoration, bone inlay is a technique that continues to bring innovation to space decor. Bone inlay furniture and other goods like artifacts, upholsteries, mosaics, keepsake boxes etcetera are proof of the fact that art can be combined with imagination to create something outstanding.

There is a perennial beauty to bone inlay furniture which, if maintained properly, can last for a long time. If you own such items or are considering owning them, it is important that you know some tips and tricks on how to maintain their beauty. Here are some useful caring tips in regard to bone inlaid furniture so that they can last as long as possible.

5 Tips for Caring for Bone Inlay Furniture

1. Proper & Regular Cleaning

Displays with bone inlay furniture can often provide a realistic touch to any space. To prolong the glamour and shine of these products, clean them regularly. An easy way to do this is by wiping dust off surfaces with soft cloth-like cotton. Handle the product with care and take extra precautions not to break it while placing or shifting it.

While paint quality can vary from one store to the next, it is important not to use average quality on bone inlay furniture. High-quality paint should be used if you would like to recolor the piece yourself. Qualities of high-quality paints include durability and easy maintenance.

2. Use Mild Cleaners

Bone inlay furniture is an intricate and fragile craft that requires extra care. When dusting, do not use a regular cloth; instead, you must clean them with special cleaners. Careful when deep cleaning the bone inlay decorative items; they are sensitive to harsher chemicals.

Pro Tips: One of the best tips to keep in mind when cleaning bone inlay pieces is that it’s important not to use harsh and abrasive cleaners or modern cleaning products. Harmful chemicals and toxins may take away the natural finish of these decorative items.

3. Limit Prolonged Exposure To Water

Maintaining Bone Inlay Furniture 3

Your bone inlay furniture should not be soaked in water for a long period. Although it is water-resistant, if you soak it in water excessively, the adhesive will weaken and cause discoloration over time. Furthermore, make sure to clean your bone inlay furniture with dry or damp cloths only never wet ones.

4. Exposure to the Sun

The handcrafted bone inlay furniture holds a unique characteristic that you won’t find anywhere else. Other pieces of furniture lose their charm and darken when they’re put into the sunlight, but as long as the bone inlay is only exposed to mild daylight, it will lighten instead.

To make your inlaid bone decor item a more majestic and beautiful piece, place it near a window or hallway where sunlight can touch the layer. Ergo, you avoid yellowing and pigmentation that commonly occur with time.

Pro-tip: Keep away from direct sunlight. And, be wary of harsh sun rays on items with light-colored marble countertops.

5. Placing items at a moderate temperature also helps.

Placing bone inlay pieces can be a daunting task. Though there are few tips to caring for them, it is important to maintain a moderate temperature around the finished piece of home decorating. It is important that the temperature of the room not be too cold or hot, as this will affect the quality of any product.

A moderate climate is sufficient to keep it in good condition for many years. Place them correctly and you can preserve their existing beauty, refinement, and appeal throughout a long period of time.

Pro-tip: You should avoid placing a heater near bone inlay items.